Monday, 23 May 2011

BTD's new project announced

Before the Door have announced their next project as a comedic feature based around found footage and written by Anna Martemucci and Victor Quinaz.

They will team up with Anonymous Content, who recently backed Jodie Foster's The Beaver, and the team behind Periods to make the movie, which will be co-produced by AC's Steve Golin and Richard Brown.

Zach commented, “As we continue to build our company on the foundation of belief in independent film and first-time writer directors – it is a tremendous honor to be supported by collaborators with as much integrity and expertise as Steve Golin and Richard Brown.”

“Zachary brought us this project a few weeks ago and it took about 2 minutes to recognize it was a terrific idea. We’re excited to be in business with Before The Door on what promises to be an original and very funny debut feature from the extremely talented Victor Quinaz,” said Anonymous’ Richard Brown.

The movie wrapped in the last few days according to Zach's facebook page.