Tuesday, 20 January 2009

TV Guide reveals Heroes spoilers

Warning! Spoilers Throughout!

American listings magazine TV Guide has published a raft of new information about the next episodes of Heroes, including an interview with Zach. They confirm that a major character will die in an early episode, and that a plane carrying the 'fugitive' heroes will crash, but that some will escape and go on the run.

The magazine tells how Sylar will team up with a relentless 'Hunter' hired by Nathan, after originally being his target. It also reveals that Sylar will meet his father, a taxidermist named Mr Gray : "Their meeting is distinctly different from what Sylar expects. It's very disappointing for him and sends him off on a cunning, very manipulative pursuit of power" says Zachary.

We've seen the pictures of Sylar and new character Luke played by Dan Byrd. "It's as if Jeffrey Dahmer had an apprentice" says creator Tim Kring. "They go on a cross-country road trip, stopping at diners and eating pie. It's very Route 66."

Zach adds, "We're back to the storytelling of Season One, less flying around and more human connection. There's no more of that emotional whiplash, who's good, who's bad - that we have in 'Villains'. The audience will really root for the characters again. It feels like we're back on an heroic journey."

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