Thursday, 11 November 2010

Margin Call sold to overseas territories

Margin Call distributors Myrid Pictures have announced that they have sold the film to a number of overseas territories for release next year. The official release date is April 2011 but there is as yet no word on the individual dates of release outside the US.

The countries sold to are :
Germany - Degato and Koch Media
Canada – Alliance
Australia – Becker
Italy - Rai Cinema
Scandinavia - Svensk
Poland - Monolith
Mexico – Gussi
Brazil - Paris Filmes Co. –
Argentina – Distribution Co.
Peru –Eurofilms
Latin America – Videx
China – DDDream
Star TV – PanAsia (pay tv)
Russia – CD Land
Ukraine – Aurora
former Yugoslavia and Romania - P4M
Turkey - D Productions
Middle East - Eagle Films

More as we get them.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Zachary attends Signature Theater's 20th Anniversary

Zachary has had a busy week, what with attending the launch of, the premiere of Merchant of Venice on Broadway and most recently, the 20th anniversary celebrations of the Signature Theater Company.
You can see pictures from all Zach's off stage antics here.