Sunday, 30 August 2009

'Hostage - A Love Story' poster released

Before the Door have released a poster image for their new Funny Or Die short 'Hostage - A Love Story'. The short film was what got Zach and the boys into so much trouble as they staged a robbery at a bakery in LA, which some bystanders thought was real. (That story is here)

The film is still listed on the Before the Door website as 'Comic soon..'

Friday, 28 August 2009

Zachayr talks to Gamespy about Save The Arcades

Gaming website Gamespy interviewed Zachary at the Save The Arcades event in Glendale


Thursday, 20 August 2009

New interview with Zach on Sci-Fire Wire

He doesn't give much away but Zach has been interviewed by Jenna Busch of Sci-Fi Wire.

He talks about the status of the Star Trek sequel, Heroes season four and his love of gamers and gaming.


Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Zach attends Arcades benefit, but fans left out

Zachary attended a Save The Arcades event in Glendale today but fans were disappointed when they were refused entry. The event was seemingly only for press despite the official press release claiming that local consumers would be involved.

Journalist Jenna Busch tweeted this picture from the event and some fans said they did manage to get inside after a series of flukes, but that a lot more were left outside.

LJ user bdbdb said; "They wouldn't let the fans in the arcade, it was press only. There was a medium sized crowd of people all waiting, and waiting very patiently I might add. Waiting for a long time. When the press finally started leaving they told us that they weren't going to let anyone in, and that ZQ was going to be leaving out the back anyway... Dude, people were really disappointed! And the worst part (for them) I think is that this was all to help save/promote the arcade. Press is all well and good, but I know I would have spent a lot of money on games if I had been inside, and from the people I talked to they would have done the same."

It seems that the event was purely promotional and press only, but that the posting of the press release on a number of sites led to more interest than anticipated. The fact that the event was not mentioned on the Official Site or Twitter account suggests that Zach wasn't aware that the release invited the public.

Were you able to get into the event? Contact

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Zach helps to save the arcades!

Zachary has become involved in a campaign to save gaming arcades from bankruptcy, says IGN.

He will appear at Video West Arcade in Glendale, CA to pose for photos and challenge fans to games to do his part for the national 'Save The Arcades' campaign.

Full details here

Thanks to Sylargrrrl for the heads up x

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Zach sponsors a play at Ojai

Zach has co- sponsored a reading at this year's Ojai Playwrights Conference after Heroes scheduling forced him to miss his first Conference in seven years.

Zach, who is a director of the Conference did show up to see two readings, Dusk Rings A Bell by Stephen Belber (which he co-sponsored) and The Motherf***er in the Hat by Stephen Adly Guirgus. This lucky livejournaller was there and said Hi to Zach.

Ojai Playwrights Conference is an annual event which presents new plays and supports writers. You can find more about their activities at their website

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Zach will perform at gay marriage plays event

Zachary is scheduled to perform at the El Portal Theater on September 12th in North Hollywood, California for a staged read through of 12 new plays inspired by the debate over gay marriage.

The evening, called "Standing On Ceremony : The Gay Marriage Plays" will benefit the Human Rights Campaign and will also feature Debra Messing (Will and Grace) and Jason Alexander (Seinfeld)

The event is organised by the Attic Theatre Conservatory's Brian Shnipper and will consist of twelve plays, each a few minutes long and by writers such as Terrence McNally (The Full Monty, Love!Valour!Compassion!) and Susan Miller. Zachary appeared in a read of Ms Miller's 'A Map Of Doubt and Rescue' at the Ojai Playwrights Conference in 2004.

For more information and buy tickets, click here

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Official NBC Press Release for Heroes 4

NBC have released the following info for Heroes Season 4 :

From creator/writer Tim Kring (”Crossing Jordan”) comes the award-winning “Heroes,” an epic drama that chronicles the lives of ordinary people who discover they possess extraordinary abilities.

On September 21, “Heroes” returns with its fourth season and a brand-new volume – “Redemption.” As the dust settles from last season, our heroes attempt to settle back into their ordinary lives. But, as they will quickly discover, it’s not easy to go home again. They will face one pressing question: how do extraordinary people lead ordinary lives?

Previously, in “Volume 4: Fugitives,” our heroes made an attempt to return to their normal lives – but that attempt was cut short when Claire Bennet (Hayden Panettiere) uncovered a deadly plot orchestrated by one of their own – Senator Nathan Petrelli (Adrian Pasdar). After revealing to the government that there were people with special abilities, Nathan spearheaded an initiative to capture and imprison those people and used Noah Bennet a.k.a. H.R.G. (Jack Coleman). Lives were torn apart. H.R.G.’s own marriage was destroyed. Tracy Strauss (Ali Larter) was killed — literally shattered into frozen pieces.

Ultimately, it was Nathan who paid the price for his misdeeds – murdered at the hands of Sylar (Zachary Quinto). Angela Petrelli (Cristine Rose), devastated at the loss of her son, and H.R.G., in need of an ally within the government, convinced Matt Parkman (Greg Grunberg) to use his ability to repair the damage. Matt used mind control and forced Sylar to shapeshift into Nathan, while erasing Sylar’s own memories so he truly believed he was Nathan. Now, as far as everyone else knows, Nathan is alive and well. And Sylar is gone. But all of that is about to change…

This season, “Volume 5: Redemption” begins with our heroes putting their lives back together.

Claire is finding that her biggest challenges are forgetting her old life and starting college. How does someone who has led such an extraordinary life assimilate back into everyday college life? Any semblance of normalcy is shortly overturned when Claire’s roommate commits suicide and Claire discovers her new friend, Gretchen (guest star Madeline Zima), is hiding a secret herself.

Hiro Nakamura (Masi Oka) goes back to his old life in Japan, but discovers that he has a terminal illness. When Hiro can no longer keep his illness hidden, he sets out to fulfill his own personal bucket-list – righting the mistakes of his past. But will Hiro be able to correct the errors of his ways without severely altering the past and present?

Peter Petrelli (Milo Ventimiglia) returns to work as an ordinary New York City EMT, but he uses his abilities to save lives. Peter has become obsessed, looking for redemption and shutting out the rest of the world he once knew. How can he forget the past and begin anew? Peter’s life will quickly change when a hearing impaired woman, Emma (guest star Deanne Bray), enters his life. Emma has used her disability as an excuse to shut herself off from the world. But as a new and unique ability manifests, the shell she’s built around herself will begin to crack apart – as will Peter’s.

H.R.G. is adjusting to life as a single man. Charged with creating a new company, he is rapidly discovering that he needs more from his life. But how does a company man become ordinary? And, when Mohinder Suresh (Sendhil Ramamurthy) returns and offers H.R.G. compelling evidence of a new danger, it makes H.R.G. wonder if he should get back in the game.

Tracy Strauss, having risen from the dead, is consumed with seeking vengeance, but soon realizes that she has a real opportunity to reinvent herself. The question is: who should she be?

Nathan Petrelli, not realizing who he really is, returns to the Senate and begins to notice strange changes in himself. Most alarming, Nathan discovers that he has new abilities. These changes are not lost on Angela, who recognizes them for what they truly are – the emergence of Sylar.

Meanwhile, racked by the guilt of what he did to Sylar and Nathan, Matt Parkman returns to life as an ordinary family man. All he wants to do is to raise his son, love his wife and return to a fulfilling career as an LAPD detective. But what Matt doesn’t know is that something unfamiliar is buried deep within his psyche – Matt can see and hear Sylar. And this specter will haunt him until Sylar is returned to his body.

The biggest challenge for our heroes is a strange and dangerous carnival comprised of a traveling band of outsiders with powerful abilities, led by a charismatic and powerful leader, Samuel (Robert Knepper). Alongside Samuel is his right hand man, Edgar (guest star Ray Park), a deadly Speedster with a talent for knives, and Lydia (guest star Dawn Olivieri) the Tattooed Lady.

Samuel leads his flock to intersect with the lives of all of our heroes. He will find them, and he will entice them to join him. And together, they will ask the same basic questions: Who are we? What does having powers mean to the world? How should we live our lives – shameful or proud? Should we hide or live out in the open? And if the world of powers is revealed, how will the world ever recover?

Monday, 10 August 2009

Zach : No more TV after Heroes

Zachary appeared at the Trek Con in Las Vegas this weekend and announced that he will do no more television after Heroes, preferring to work on movies.

Calumfan AKA Shelly on the LJ community ontd_startrek was at the con and reports back with this information :

On the Star Trek audio book : he admitted he hated doing it and thinks he sucks on it! (He must be insane)

On his fave scenes to film : he liked the scene in the turbo lift with Uhura and also kicking Chris Pine's ass

On Sasan in So NoTORIous : he liked playing Sasan but felt there was no more growth to be had with the character

On Before The Door : They have just sold a TV pilot and have two films in development as well as the comic books

There are more great pics from Shelly in the gallery

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Bid on a tshirt signed by Zachary and more!

More Comic-Con pics and news are on their way but while I was there I met ZQ with Mabes and PureEvil from the Sarmy. Mabes got this tshirt signed by Zach, Oliver Grigsby (writer of I Am Sylar) and David H. Lawrence XVII who plays Eric Doyle.

You can bid on these awesome item right now by clicking

Please spread the word! All proceeds got the Epilepsy Foundation